Rhönschaf auf Reisen

Current GOAL:  Travel once around the world and return to the Wasserkuppe Mountain in the Rhoen Highlands of Hessia (Germany)!

About this item: Rhoenschaf at home
The Rhoen sheep is one of Germanys oldest farm animal. Its coat is yellow-white, its head is black, it has no horns. Its name is associated with its origin: The Rhoen Highlands, situated in parts of Hessia, Thuringia and Bavaria, in the heart of Germany.

Emperor Napoleon called the sheep „mouton de la reine“ – („royal sheep“) later modified and (wrong) translated to the similar sounding „Schaf aus der Rhön“ (sheep of the Rhoen).

Our little Rhoenschaf wants to see as many countries as possible. It would be happy to have published souvenir photos from all across the world. After wandering once around the globe, it wants to return to the Wasserkuppe Mountain, the highest mountain of the Rhoen Highlands.

Good luck & have a nice trip!

Spirou, BigL, LittleL from the WILDCHICKEN.NET GCG RHOEN

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